If you’ve an energy-efficient home, you could save with a green mortgage.

A growing number of mainstream lenders are now offering  ‘green mortgages’. Essentially, a green mortgage is meant to increase the appeal of owning a green property. On top of the savings you’ll make on your energy bills each month, the idea is that lenders give you cashback and/or a better interest rate when you take out a green mortgage on an energy-efficient property.

Lenders are willing to offer incentives of this nature because they increasingly see energy-efficient properties – in this era of combating climate change – as less risky purchases and more likely to hold their value. Plus, if a homeowner is spending less on their energy bills each month,  they’ll find it easier to meet their mortgage repayments.

To qualify, you need to purchase a property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A or B. The benefit of buying a TAYLOR LINDSEY HOME is that all our properties meet this criteria.

While it’s likely more lenders will start to offer green mortgages in the future, the number of high-street lenders that currently offer a green mortgage is small so we recommend speaking to a mortgage broker. A good broker  will be able to highlight green mortgages for you.

Taylor Lindsey Homes recommends mortgage broker  CONCISE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS who can be contacted on 01522 56722 or email at

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