Taylor Lindsey supports Lincoln Tank Memorial Fund

Taylor Lindsey has donated £1000 to the Lincoln Tank Memorial Fund, a project commemorating Lincoln’s great engineering history.

The Lincoln Tank Memorial Group are a small group of local people who are dedicated to putting a model of a Mark 1 tank on the Tritton Road Roundabout near the University which is close to the site of Foster’s factory where the first tank came off the production line in 1916.

The memorial will be in the form of a partly constructed tank, it will have no guns as no production tank ever fired a shot in Lincoln and the male and female figures standing around the tank will be dressed in their work wear with spanners and paintbrushes in their hands.  The memorial will also include the figures of Tritton, Rigby and Wilson who were the designers, developers and manufacturers of the tank.

Alex Taylor of Taylor Lindsey said “ We are proud to support The Lincoln Tank Memorial and we look forward to the unveiling on Sunday 10th May 2015”.